Nowhere but Home is a charming read.

Queenie Wake is a chef. She has just been fired for yelling at a customer. Queenie has no where else to go but back home. Queenie has no intentions of staying long. That is why when she is offered a job working for the prison as their chef, she accepts. The job is short term. Queenie starts spending time with an old flame. Sparks are sure to ignite again.

Nowhere but Home is a charming read. I love Queenie. She was caring, strong, and had spunk. I would have liked to have seen this spunk more as it was these moments that I had a smile and laugh on my face. Not that I was not smiling at other points in this book. For example when Queenie was fired from her job for telling a customer that her “bangers” were bigger than his dick or when Queenie yelled at a man for wanting to put ketchup on his eggs! Which for some reason the thought of putting ketchup on my eggs does not sound very appealing to me.

This book is like a chick lit but with more depth and heart. I was generally surprised by how much I enjoyed reading this book. The ending was a good one. I was happy with the ending.


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