Swimming at Night

Katie is awaken by knocking on her door. It is the police. They inform Katie that her sisiter, Mia has committed suicide. She jumped off a cliff. At first Katie does not beleive that Mia would take her own life but then Katie tries to make sense of it all. Katie decides to travel in Mia's footsteps. Armed with Mia's jouranal, Katie takes a life-changing journey that will bring her closer to Mia then ever before.

Swimming at Night is a breath of fresh air. This book is like swimming at night beneath the stars. While I tended to lean more towards Mia, I still loved Katie as well. The reason that I loved Mia more was because she was a wild child. She threw caution to the wind and just acted on impluse. Just for the record I am more like Katie, however I want to be a little more like Mia. This is why I did love Mia. I could live vicariously through Mia. Just like Katie did by reading and expericing everything and place that Mia went on her travels. It was great getting to see Katie open up and let loose. I felt like I really got to know the two sisters.

There were a couple of guys in the story for lost interests. The one main love interest for Mia, I was not fully accepting until the last part of the story. It was then that I really understood and felt the love that the guy had for Mia. The guy that Katie ended up with in the end, I was a little diappointed in. Not because I did not like the guy and he was a way better choice for her then the one she was with. It was that I felt that the guy that Katie ended up with was a little bit of a threw in. Like Katie had to have a guy to have a happy ending. Plus it did not help with they were not together for most of the book. The ending put a smile on my face like a ray of sunshine. I look forward to reading the next book by this author.


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