Review by Nancy

Ever read a book that, by page two you know you’ve got a good one? This Is that book! Cole Haskins is in the process of politely robbing a bank – collecting money, watches, rings…you have it, Cole gets it. There is a small issue with the get away car. His beloved Bunny is a bit late picking him up. Late enough that Cole is winged a few times, has blown up the dye on the money, drops a lot of said money in the street. You get the picture.

Cole and Bunny have been together for awhile. Their trusty friends Bogart and Flathead (aptly named) have possibly a gnat’s brain between them with Flathead being the smart one. Bikers to the3 core and always on the lookout for a score; they help save friends through interesting inventions of Bogart’s and assist a wanna-be embezzler out of town.

About the embezzler……well, you’ll find out because you will NOT be able to resist buying this one. What a wonderful book, laughed my self silly!


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