Fabio's Italian Kitchen

I wanted to check out Fabio’s Italian Kitchen cookbook because one I am familiar with who he is and two…me and my husband love to eat Italian food. Of course just like most American’s it is the “fake” Italian food that you get in the cans and off the store shelves. Then you come home throw the pasta in boiling water and heat up the pasta sauce. So after getting a copy of this cookbook, I am very excited to start learning how to make “real” Italian food. Plus, the tips and notes that Fabio gave throughout this book I found to be helpful. Some of the recipes in this book that I want to try out are:

Homemade ricotta, pesto gnocchi, butternut squash-filled roasted pork loin, grandma’s canned tuna, fried rosemary chicken (remember if you don’t have all three of the important ingredients…rosemary, garlic, and sage, then you won’t be making roasted chicken, this is Fabio’s family’s way.), fried fresh mushrooms, Fabio’s mom’s tiramisu, ricotta chocolate chip fritters, and olive bread. Best part of these recipes is that there are not many ingredients.

What really made this cookbook for me and it was not all of the yummy recipes but all of the stories. I enjoyed getting to know Fabio, his family and what his childhood was like. I only knew what I know about Fabio from television. Which as we all know is not a true portrait of the real person. I fell in love more with Fabio after reading this book. You have got to pick up a copy for yourself.

Check out Fabio's weekly show called Chow Ciao!


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