The Woman Who Wasn't There

Tania Head was like anyone else. Just a normal person trying to survive in the corporate world of America. Only that all changed on September 11, 2001. Tania became a 9/11 survivor, lost a loved one…her fiancé, David, and became a public figure of hope for other survivors. Tania helped to grow the World Trade Center Survivors’ Network and lead tours at ground zero.

This went on for years until, the New York Times wanted to do a story on Tania. It was than that the truth was discovered. Tania was a fraud. She was never a 9/11 survivor. She was never engaged. The best part…Tania was attending school in Barcelona, Spain when the Twin Towers were attacked.

It has been a few days since I finished this book and I am still in shock. I am still asking myself why would anyone want to fake being a 9/11 survivor or claim to be a survivor or any horrific accident for that matter.

To be honest as I was reading this book, I was so in shock that this was true that I didn’t get mad. I was in mad shock, if this makes sense. I was too in shock to feel anything else at the moment. Part of the reason I feel like I could not get upset was because this happened in the past and I did not get much satisfaction after reading this book. This is not the authors fault but I blame Tania. She was a chicken when it came to the truth and her reasoning and I felt like she played dodge ball when it came to answering the question of Why?

This was an interesting book. I read it almost all in one sitting, which would not have been bad, if I hadn’t started it right before going to bed.

Premiering on television on April 17th at 8-9:30pm (Eastern/Pacific) time on ID Channel, Tania's story will be presented. Read more about it here.


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