NIV Boys Bible

The NIV Boys Bible is worth your money. If you are looking for a good Bible for your young sons or grand sons, than you should check this Bible out. What I liked about this Bible was that it was interactive and not just a sit, read and think about it. This Bible did make you think but it also put it into prospective for today’s times for the younger generation. For example the “Makin’ It Real” sections inserted through out this Bible.

Makin’ It Real
Job 29-30

Job had been the Big Shot of his hometown. People listened when he spoke, moved out of his way in crowns, and asked him to kiss their babies (well, maybe not that!). He even cared for the poor and sick (29:11-17) Yet that changed radically when Job lost everything. People didn’t run to his side to help him. They mocked him; young men even spit in his face (30:10)! Almost overnight, Job went from being a celebrity to being the town joke.

Sometimes jealousy and pride gets the best of people. We Want what someone else has, so when they lost it, we’re secretly happy. But think about this: If the best goalie on your soccer team gets injured, it hurts the whole team, not just him. When hardship falls on someone else, don’t secretly rejoice or turn on him. Treat all people with kindness. Don’t despise people when their fortunes change; it night happen to you someday.

Of course, there are many more other fun tid bits to help teach your sons about the word of God and the Bible.


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