Sale Day at C Mart

Don McKeever just wants to go fishing. Instead, he has to check in on his employees at C Mart. Today the big corporate boss is paying the store a visit. The last time the boss came, Don got his ass chewed and it was not pretty.

As if things could not be bad enough, Don has to put up with incompetent employees and complete with T Mart, another discount store that opened across the street.

Sale Day at C Mart is like a bad comedy show and I mean it in a good way. This book will have you wanting to tear your hair out, pop a couple Tylenol and a couple of antacids. Ok, so you may not feel this way but this is how I felt reading this book. I wanted to scream at how dysfunction the characters were but at the same time, they were entertaining and I could not get enough of them.

My only favorite character in this book was Billy. He seemed to be the normal one and he was kind hearted. Everyone else, I would avoid if I was shopping at C Mart and leave the store angry as many of the customer did. At the same time, I could understand why the C Mart employees had such bad attitudes. I would too if the big corporate boss always kept reminding my boss that it is good for employees to constantly be overworked, under paid and don’t forget to fire employees before their ten year anniversary. If you are looking for some fun at a good price than you should check out Sale Day at C Mart!


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