Catherine Winslow is retired. She used to work for a major newspaper as a reporter. Catherine lives on a quiet street on Cloudland. Nothing is supposed to happen there. Well nothing like a dead body of a woman.

Catherine recognizes the woman, once she gets a good look at her. Her name is Angela Parker. She is the latest murder victim. Poor Angela, her body was dumped and not found until the snow started thawing.

Catherine didn’t plan on getting involved in the murder case but she can’t help it. It is her reporter instincts kicking in. She calls on help from her friend, Anthony, a forensic psychiatrist.

I thought that Mr. Olshan did a good job with this book. While, I was expecting more drama in the form of edge of my seat, nail-biting moments, I didn’t get this but I did get more character involvement and development.

I agree with another reader that I did find it took a long time for the story to progress and the killer’s identity to be revealed. It seemed like Mr. Olshan really wanted the reader to connect with the characters as I am sure they will appear again in a future book or series. I would classify this book as more of a classic who-dun-it novel than a gruesome murder mystery thriller. Cloudland is a poetic, mystery read that is filled with intriguing characters!


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