The Kosher Grapevine

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I wanted to read this book because I enjoy a good glass of win every once in a while. Also, I have been fascinated by wine making and wanting to be a wine conissiour and host a wine party. Wow, I got more than I bargained for with this book. I now know more about wine making, grapes, and Jewish lifestyle than I ever thought I would.

There is the process of Crushing the grapes, than Separation, Fermentating in eich grapes have sugar in them that makes them have a chemical reaction during this stage that the sugar from the grapes than turn into alcohol and carbon dioxide, Racking, Clarifying and Filtering, Aging and than finally the Bottling of the wine. This is when you finalyl can open the bottle, pour a glass and sit back and relax.

Mr. Langer discusses the differences between six main wines...Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. I like the white wines but usually I perfer the red like Merlot, which has more of a full body taste than a fruity, dry taste like the white wines.

Here are the Ten Steps to Enjoying Wine:

1) Choose the Wine -This can be very important as you don't want to choose the wrong wine and not enjoy it.

2) Set the scene and just sit - Location, location, location!

3) Hear the wine -Listen to the sound of the wine as it is hitting your glass

4) See the wine -Look at the different colors in your wine glass

5) Smell the wine - What scents do you smell. Do you smell the oak or other scent that the wine was sitting in while it was going through the wine process?

6) Recite the blessing - Thank God for the fruit of the wine

7) Drink the wine and sense its subtleties - Enjoy the wine. Swirl it around on your tongue, don't just slug it down.

8) Feel the wine inside you- This does not mean be a sloppy drunk

9) Describe the experience - What did the wine taste like, smell, feel?

10) Recite the final blessing - The final prayer can be found in any prayer book.

Mr. Langer shares more helpful tips in this book like wine parings for food, how to read a wine menu, and other things. Mr. Langer shows you that you do not have to be afraid to try out different wines and become an expert on them. This book is worth your time. After reading this book, you will really appreciate your next glass of wine! Also, the graphics in this book are breathtaking and they pop off the pages with color.

Exploring The World of Fine Wine

Kosher wines have been winning medals at prestigious international competitions and creating a buzz among wine connoisseurs, yet most kosher consumers still opt for the "traditional" sweet stuff. Author Irving Langer, a real estate developer by profession used to be one of those people.

A man with a zest for living life to the fullest, Irving embarked on an exploration of the subtleties of fine wine from Beaujolais to Zinfandel - and now he's ready to share his hard-won knowledge with you. With wit as dry as his favorite Merlot, Irving guides the reader on a fascinating, often whimsical journey, teaching us all we need to know about Kosher wine with information such as:

•What are the differences between red, white, and sparkling wines?

•The ten steps of wine tasting.

•How to navigate a restaurant wine menu.

"How to identify the wines that give the most satisfaction? The best way is to taste wines. After you read this book, you will know how to do this, and you will discover the wonderful new adventure of wine tasting.... I'm sure you will find Irving Langer's book informative and enjoyable."

- Daniel Rogov, wine critic; author of Rogov's Guide to Kosher Wines and Rogov's Guide to Israeli Wines

About the Author:

Irving Langer is the CEO of E & M Associates, a real estate company he founded in 1970. He and his wife Miriam have three children and several, but "not enough," grandchildren. Irving is active in numerous not-for-profit organizations and enjoys travel, writing poetry, fine dining, spending time with his family - and, of course, wine tasting.

Title: The Kosher Grapevine
Author: Irving Langer
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House
Pub Date: April 2012
ISBN: 978965229573-6 Price: $34.95 Hardcover, 158 pages


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