The Day the World Ends

I am not typically a fan of poems but I do appreciate someone who writes poetry. I mean true poetry without having to make sure that every line rhymes.

The poems in this book range from the really short to the long like:


In his heart a young fighter expects no defeats,

Every ham can play Hamlet, all poets are Keats

And all women are Garbo and men Cary Grant,

Being each of us all his own best sycophant.

The Day the World Ends

The day the worlds ends

There will be the sound of a long, whining fart

And everyone on the street will stop

And look at each other as if to say What

The hell is that

---Til the sound is cut short by

A thunderclap

So loud that,

Ears ringing,

People will stagger about as if drunk,

Hands clapped to heads,

Eyes slit, mouths O-shaped.

And then the vibrating will start—but not last long,


POOM! An outward blast will splinter the concrete

And shoot everyone into the air like champagne corks.

And the g’s that suck at their bodies

Will tick down as they reach the apex

Where for one moment they will float,

Looking gravely at each other,

Before starting back towards earth==


Sad to say,

Shall no longer be there.

And they will fall and fall and fall

With nothing to stop them,


Faster and faster,

Until they burst into shrieking flame,

And then finally,

And forever,

Their ashes will dither and swirl

In the dusk of eternal nothingness.

When this happens

--And it will—

Don’t be saying, “Oh! Oh, wait—can I have a second?

Nobody warned me!”

Try it.

They’ll shake this poem in your face and say,

“Remember this? Remember this jackoff?”


Of course, the rest of the poems in this book focus on present day topics but most have a theme of sex, love/lust and sarcasm. Some people might find some of the poems offending but not me. My second language after English is Sarcasm.

Two of my favorite poems in this collection book are:

Getting Old (My comment- This is what I have to look forward to when I get old…in this case, I will be young forever!)

Getting old

It really sucks

First goes figure

Then go fucks

Than your wits

Decide they’re done

Yeah getting old

She ain’t no fun

What Do I Want? (My comment-The truth hurts but someone has to say it out loud)

What do I want? What everyone wants:

Love and a fuck.

What do I need? What everyone needs:

Love and a fuck.

What do I get? What everyone gets:

Love so-called and okay a fuck but then a lot of goddamn



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