Asgard Park

Review by Nancy

A truly dark tale about a Nordic god named Heimðallr. “Heimðallr, the god who was born of nine mothers (the waves of the sea), is said to have been the father of all the castes of humankind.” (thank you Wiki!!). It wouldn’t hurt to read a bit about him before you start this book. It makes things a little clearer.

Birger Wallenberg is taking over the Asgard Park Institute. – an institution for the mentally ill. Originally from Copenhagen; he has been selected from many applicants to head the Research Department. He already has great plans to use his position to prove some of his own theories. One thing they forgot to mention: the retiring Director, Dr. Karl Leamas, lives there. He built it so why not? Why not is an easy answer. The man is everywhere, into everything and possibly (probably) a tad deluded. He keeps speaking of Heimdallr and encourages Birger to open his senses to him. He says Birger is the chosen one to carry on Heimdallr’s work in the world.

Meanwhile, across the ocean in Albania, two young girls of opposite dispositions are arguing about sex. One is experienced, a whore even and the other is pure, chaste and relies on her brother to keep her safe. The Kid (aka Rakipe) is world-wise, loud, brash and lonely. Shequere Avhiu a widow whose husband hung himself from a sewer pipe. Her brother, Spiro, deals in any and everything dealable and does pretty well for himself.

The back and forth in this book between a world of poverty and an institution of insanity keeps you hopping. I have to admit that it wasn’t something I was thrilled with but overall it was a good tale. Not what I thought it would be about at all and that’s all I’m gonna say about it. I’m sure it will be perfect for most folks.


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