Grace to Carry...Family, Friends, and God's Grace!

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In this heartfelt true story, an unexpected encounter leads to an inseparable alliance between two women who come to believe their chance meeting was not happenstance, but destiny. This friendship is sure to last the ages, until a devastating turn of events shatters their dream and alters the course of their lives. Through one another, they grow in ways neither expected nor dreamed. What each believed to be weakness becomes strength. Fear becomes courage. How their relationship deepens as they face the ultimate challenge resonates long after the last page is read. In the end, one simple, yet profound lesson is learned . . . Love best what matters most: Family, Friends, and God's Grace To Carry

Author Marcia explains:
Grace To Carry is the real life story of me and my best friend, Joan, who died of colon cancer. We met by chance . . . she was bigger than life--outgoing, strong, but reluctant to trust. I was timid but trusted all who crossed my path. The journey through her cancer reversed our roles. She became trusting, and I gained strength beyond what I thought possible. What developed was the beautiful spirit of friendship; personal growth, and the strength to persevere through life's most challenging adversity . . . a lesson that's carried me long after her death.

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