True Love Way

Review by Nancy

Marlo Spencer has gone whole-hog into Retro. Clothes, decorations, TV movies/sit-coms were everywhere but nothing was more Retro than Marlo herself. Spending twelve years wondering “what if” is a total waste of time but that’s where the Laverne & Shirley lover was. She was still in love/like/lust for her high school sweetheart who left her to go to Chef school in Paris. What’s girl to do?

When she finds that Josh has come home again nothing will do but she and her best guy-friend Nik go home as well. Her BFF Savannah has opened a hit bakery, Sav’s daughter is twelve and misses her aunt nearly as much as Marlo misses her. The trip north from LA is fun, long and relaxing for Nik. Marlo is on pins and needles the entire way. It’s her last chance and she means to make the best of it.

However. Life never plays fair and the things Marlo learns back home stun her completely. She doesn’t know who to trust or where to turn. So many things, so little vacation time!

This book is great! I love the story, I really loved Aunt Madge (you’ll see!!) and Marlo is perfectly written. This is kind of a chick book but a darn good one so go out and splurge on something for yourself!


CLB BookBuzz said…
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Thank you for reading and reviewing my novel! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :)

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