Simple Irresistible

Maddie is in need of some luck. Things aren’t going so well for Maddie. She dumped her loser boyfriend and her boss, the Scrooge decides to fire Maddie before holiday bonuses. Hopefully, Maddie will find some luck in Lucky Harbor. Her mother left her and her two half sisters, Chloe and Tara…Lucky Harbor Resort. Maddie thinks that fixing up the resort and re-opening it up for business is the perfect solution to her problems. First though, Maddie has to convince Tara and Chloe.

Jax Cullen sure noticed Maddie the first moment she landed in Lucky Harbor. Of course it would be hard not to when Maddie almost runs him off the road.

Maddie is in need of a carpenter to help fix up the resort. She hires Jax. Soon the sparks start flying between Jax and Maddie.

I thought this book was fun and light hearted. A good chick lit novel. I had a small problem with the book and I say minor because most of it was due to me. While I like reading romances every once in a while. This time this book didn’t really do anything for me. Don’t get me wrong I like romances and every one needs them once in a while but when they are just fuff and puff, they do help make the time pass. Though, I did think that Maddie and Jax were good together. They had some great chemistry. It was easy to see why…Jax is good looking and rides a motorcycle. Overall, Simple Irresistible is a quick weekend read.


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