Act Like We're in Love

Review by Nancy (my fellow reviewer and good friend)

She literally bowled him over. But, in her defense, she didn’t know who he was at the time. Linnea Larson is the hometown girl made good. The star of her family’s theatre productions; cute (beautiful), nice, a good friend and a very bored woman if the truth were known.

Luke, the movie star; rich kid, nice, good friend, hasn’t been on stage in a loooonnnnnggggg time is trying so hard to do a good job in Guys and Dolls that he falls fast and hard for his co-star. Unfortunately, he forgets that Minnesota isn’t West L.A. and his autographing, playing to the crowds, etc. don’t go over on a date nearly as well here.

Through many miscommunications, affairs interrupted (by her MOM!) and trying to put on a good production of a favorite show and both their best friends interfering; somehow the two manage some personal time and we see if they can both adjust to how THEY want their lives to be!

This is a nice book. By nice, I mean there isn’t any cussin’ or real violence, no over-the-top sex. It is just a nice book. It’s funny, interesting and really good to just sit and enjoy.


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