Key Lime Pie

Sadie Hoffmiller is finishing out what is left of her community service. Sadie has recently gotten close to Eric Burton. Eric is also finishing up his community service. While talking, Eric receives a phone call from the Miami police. They police have found a body that they believe is Eric’s missing daughter, Megan. Eric makes things a bit uncomfortable for Sadie when he invites her to come down with him. Sadie must decide whether to go with Eric or say home with her sheriff boyfriend, Pete Cunningham. Oh what is a girl to do!

Key Lime Pie is the fourth Sadie Hoffmiller novel. I believe this book can be read as a stand alone novel. There are a few references made about what transpired in the prior novel but nothing that won’t trip up the readers from jumping right into this book. It is the second novel I have read by Mrs. Kilpack. I really love Sadie. She is such a busybody but at the same time she is so sweet that you can forgive her for being in everyone’s business. I wished that I could have gotten to know Eric better. I didn’t really connect with him, so it was kind of hard for me to feel for him and what he was going through with his daughter.

Of course, a bonus to these books are the yummy recipes inserted throughout the book. I don’t know what to do next when a recipe comes up…either stop reading to cook and try out the recipe or keep reading! I can’t wait to serve me up another slice of Sadie Hoffmiller.


Heidi V said…
I would love to read this one hard not to love that cover!

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