Incredible Dreams

Review by Nancy (my good friend)

Izzy Miller is a “ghost whisperer” for lack of a better word. Her job this time is to clear the building of its final resident ghost. And the resident ghost doesn’t want to go. Izzy is prepared with all her ghost-gone ideas and will spend the evenings until he leaves. He being Captain Jack Baker. Jack’s been in this building a long time, over fifty years, to be precise and he has no intention of moving on. He hasn’t met anything like Izzy, though, and the games she plays and the spirits helping her he isn’t used to.

Jack died in his plane over California during a training run. A rubber dinghy self-inflated and got caught in the controls, causing his plane to dive. He didn’t escape. What if Izzy could change that? There is that fussy old thing about not messing with time, isn’t there? Her mother, dead over eleven years, comes to her in a dream and tells Izzy this is exactly what she has to do. Change time. Jack cannot be allowed to die.

This novel is exactly what is needed on a beautiful Fall day on the front porch. The story of Izzy, Jack and all involved grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. The ending is priceless and I had no clue it was coming until I got there. Go on, pick it up – you won’t regret the purchase!


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