Elizabeth, Captive Princess

King Henry VIII is dead. King Edward is lying in his bed about to die as well. Who will reign next? It was thought that Lady Jane Grey would but she has been executed. Now, it is between Mary and Elizabeth. Elizabeth knows she will be a better Queen than Mary. Unfortunately because Mary is the older of the two, it makes sense that Mary would be the next Queen. Of course, Mary does becomes Queen. Though not a lot of people are happy about it. There is a plot to get Mary out of the throne. Mary is stubborn and won’t give up the throne easily. Elizabeth is conniving and is trying to find a way to overthrow Mary. Will she succeed?

Elizabeth, Captive Princess is book two in the Elizabeth I trilogy. I read the first book, Young Bess because I was interested in getting to know Elizabeth better. A lot of the books about the Tudors is about King Henry VIII, his wife Anne, his daughter Mary and his son, Edward but there are not a lot of books about Elizabeth. I think she is overlooked. She is very intelligent and knows what her goals are and hold to achieve them. On the flip side, while I am liking this trilogy, I found this book to be a bit slow. I didn’t find the characters that interesting and at times the story moved really slowly. Though, there were some hit and misses with this book for me; I still can’t wait to finish this trilogy. Elizabeth, Captive Princess is a book fit for a Princess or Queen.


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