Review Opportunity:horror suspense novel: The Redemption of Holly Dobson

Chicago, IL, October 12, 2010 - The Redemption of Holly Dobson, C. Lynn Barton's classic literary novel is thriller, suspense, and horror at its finest. It has been a long time since we've been reminded of the original master's of horror.

The Redemption of Holly Dobson paints the portrait of a troubled and abused girl who survives youth only to be confronted with the ultimate decision of good vs. evil. Holly fights her own demons while pursuing love and self-fulfillment through a family of her own.

Holly Dobson possesses an understated benevolent evilness. She is relentlessly driven by her unbreakable sense of family values. Holly acts with remorseless conviction to protect her own regardless of the consequences. Her only son is a demonic, charismatic, and curiously engaging being. The quintessential evil which George Dobson personifies sets Holly on a path that spans continents, decades, and the landscape of her very soul. Along the way, Holly discovers her purpose and finds redemption as a mother, a woman, lover, and ultimately something more than a mere human being.

A riveting tale! For those who really enjoy the thrilling suspense of twists and turns in a story, this is the book for you! Holly Dobson will surprise you and amaze you throughout the book. A must read for lovers of thriller/suspense/horror!

- Coleman Mack, Review

About the book:

The Redemption of Holly Dobson by C. Lynn Barton

ISBN-10: 0615349412

ISBN-13: 978-0615349411

Publisher: Dark Willow Books

Date of publish: September 30, 2010

Pages: 252

SRP: $16.95

About the author:

C. Lynn Barton is a former special education teacher of students with behavioral and emotional differences. She has worked as a life and guidance coach. She has written five novels, more than 30 short stories, and one self-help journal. The Redemption of Holly Dobson is her first published novel.

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