Honky Tonk Christmas is the perfect Christmas gift.

Meet Sharlene Waverly…new owner of the Honky Tonk bar. Sharlene is excited and can’t wait to expand the bar. Sharlene needs a contractor and fast. Sharlene is tried of looking at all the yellow electrical wiring tape and wants the new additional done in time for the holidays.

Holt Jackson is willing to take on Sharlene’s job in exchange for a place to stay. Sharlene agrees. There is just one other small or should I say two small catches. Holt is raising his nephew and niece. The last thing on Holt’s mind is having a romantic relationship with any woman, especially Sharlene. Though when the fire works start up…watch out!

I have enjoyed all the books in this series, though I have to admit that the past couple of books were missing the spark that I loved so much about these books. I am happy to report that the spark is back and better then ever in Carolyn Brown’s latest, Honky Tonk Christmas. Sharlene and Holt are a match made in honky tonk heaven. Holt is the hot, sexy guy with the heart of gold and Sharlene is the rock that every man needs in his life. I really liked Sharlene. She may have a tough exterior but she is also sweet. Holt is every woman’s dreams…good looking, loves children and goes after what he wants. Honky Tonk Christmas is the perfect Christmas gift.


Cheryl said…
I am always up for a good Christmas book. Great review. I want to read this one!
Anonymous said…
Oh, I need this one. I have to start making my Christmas reading list soon.

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