Defensive Tactics

Paul works for the FBI. He is a straight and narrow type of guy. Paul has a really nice girlfriend. Her name is Emily. What else could Paul possibly ask for? Paul’s receives an unexpected surprise when an old friend from his past showed up back in his life. Jimmy is homeless and currently unemployed. Paul allows Jimmy to stay with him for a few days.

Emily is trying hard to prove herself at work. She wants to show her supervisor that she would make an excellent addition to the team as a investigator. Emily’s first assignment is to investigate Judge Craven. Supposedly he has been dealing in some shady business.

Paul starts to crumble a little with Jimmy showing some interest in Emily. Can Paul raise to the task when Emily’s life is in danger?

Defensive Tactics is Mr. Westover’s first novel. It reads like it is Mr. Westover’s third or fourth novel. Right from the beginning this book grabbed me and I was hooked all the way until the last page. This book was packed full of intensity and high octane adrenaline! Paul and Jimmy couldn’t have been more polar opposites, even if they tried. I liked this about Paul and Jimmy. They kept each other balanced. Emily held her own in this book. The suspense just kept building and building as the story line moved along. I can’t wait to see what Mr. Westover has up his sleeve next. It would be the perfect tactical move if you were to pick up a copy of Defensive Tactics today!


Steve said…

Thank you for your review of Defensive Tactics.


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