The Making of a Gentleman

Armand has been having horrible nightmares, ever since he was been released back into society. He was a prisoner for a long time. Armand’s family is really worried for Armand. It has been a long time since Armand has spoken a word to anyone. They inform Armand that they are going to hire a tutor for him. Maybe a tutor can help Armand to learn to speak again and act like a human.

Felicity Bennett has just been hired to be Armand’s tutor. The first time Felicity meets Armand, he scares her accidentally. At first Felicity is scared but then after she gets over her fear; Felicity is adamant about staying and seeing things through with Armand until the end. Will Felicity succeed and help turn Armand into a gentleman again?

Felicity and Armand kind of reminded me of Beauty and the Beast. Armand wanted to communicate but every time that he did, he would grunt or howl. On the other hand, here came Felicity as this sweet, innocent woman just looking to help Armand. Though, I found it interesting how Armand and Felicity found a way to communicate with each other. It was like they had their own secret language. Felicity and Armand made a perfect couple. This book transported me back in time with Felicity and Armand. The Making of a Gentleman is the making of a perfect read! If you love historical romances then you will enjoy this book.


AmandaRose said…
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Happy Halloween!
La Maison Reid said…
Sounds like one I might like..thanks!

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