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Georgetown, Guyana, South America - Oct 29, 2010 - Author Liza Maria Hanoman announces the release of Salvation of the Damned: To A Greater Purpose the first of seven books from the Salvation of the Damned Series.

Svartalfheim, 2009 The Underworld prepares for the battle between Queen Gerda of Vanaheim and Queen Hella of Niflheim. A vampire clan grieves the loss its clan leader. A surprising new leader is chosen - a human. As she learns more of her responsibilities as a clan leader, she is thrown into a den of werewolves to save herself and her clan.

Chance Heeding is a latent vampire tricked by her dead Uncle Cleftus Petras III. She was robbed of her memory as revenge on her dead father. The more Chance lives with the werewolves, the more she learns about herself and her ruthless vampire family members.

But time and circumstance is against her...

Her betrothed husband is her blood brother. Her intended brother in law is her ex husband, who is recently betrothed to a French Vampiress; who will do anything to keep him away from everyone. As if Chance does not have enough troubles of her own, considering her own family is planning her death. Her best friend, Tie Findley, competes against Chance for her cousin's love and attention. To make matters worse, Chance is left abandoned as her cousin, Luke Heeding, who goes missing in the Nether World during a Lycan mission. Amidst all of this, Chance learns her father is the second in command in the Nether World. She is now entrusted with the care and control of a human teenage girl called Eloise St. John. But before Chance communicates with Eloise she must do one tiny little thing - make her decision whether to become a vampire or a vamp wolf.

About the book:

Salvation of the Damned: To A Greater Purpose by Liza Maria Hanoman

ISBN: 978-1453892541

Publisher: CreateSpace

Date of publish: Oct 25, 2010

Pages: 290

S.R.P.: $33.33

About the author:

Liza Maria Hanoman was born on the 7th of October, 1978. She resides in Georgetown,
Guyana, South America with her immediate family. She is an Attorney at Law. Salvation of the Damned Series is her premier serial comprising of seven books. To a Greater Purpose is the first volume in the series.

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Kayreen said…
Congrats Liza.

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