Suspense/Thriller Challenge Completed!


Darlene said…
Wow, that's awesome Cheryl. You sure got a lot of reading done there. I haven't made even a dent on my challenges yet. lol.
Cheryl said…
Well no one should look at me as the lead. The only reason I have finished two challenges is because I have no life. LOL

No, really though I have been blessed by being a bit of a speed reader.
Anonymous said…
Good going! So which sub-genre does each go under?
Cheryl said…
J- I will try to list which sub genres the books fell into
Anonymous said…
This is why I list mine as I go. There is no way I could remember if I was able to get twelve different sub-genres. Heck, twice this week, I forgot which day it was. Sort of let's you know how this week has!

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