Bones of Betrayal

Body farmer, Bill Brockton is called to assist the authorities on a case. The police have found the body of a man in the swampy waters of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Bill and his assistant, Miranda Lovelady are on hand when the autopsy is preformed. It seems the man has swallowed something…a small capsule. What Bill and Miranda soon discover is the identity of the man. His name is Dr. Leonard Novak and he was a famous physicist with the Manhattan Project and designer of the plutonium reactor. The reactor was used to build the first atomic bombs back in 1945.

Now Bill and Miranda go on the hunt to learn all they can about Dr. Novak and the Manhattan Project. Bill needs to learn all he can right away. He and Miranda might have been exposed to a deadly radioactive substance. Bill’s only hope to discover the truth lies in ninety years old, Beatrice Montgomery. The story she tells Bill will leave him in amazement.

Bones of Betrayal is the latest novel from collaborators, Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson in their Body Farm series. I have not read any of the other books in this series. The good thing is that you don’t have to as this book can be read as a stand alone novel. While I did enjoy the idea of this story, there were a few dry spots that started when Beatrice traveled back to the past. Overall though, I did like this book. The character development was nicely written. I plan to check out all the rest of the body farm novels.

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naida said…
this sounds very good, even though there were some dry spots, creepy cover.
Dar said…
This does sound pretty good even though it had some dry spots.
Cheryl said…
This was a pretty good book. In fact I already have one of the other books on my TBR shelf but had not gotten around to teading it.

I plan to read it soon now.
clynsg said…
I haven't read any of the Body Farm books, but usually like forensic type stories.

clynsg at
Anonymous said…
I've read book one, but I think that's where I stopped. I have got to get back to this series...not sure I can this year though.

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