Unholy Domain

I want to thank Mr. Ronco for sending me a copy of his book to review.

A vicious computer virus tore across the internet and before anyone could stop it; more than a million people had died. Now a decade later, civilization is rebuilding its self. Everyone is rebuilding their lives and trying to survive with new life. The one thing the virus did was to split the civilization. There are now those who believe technology is the future and those who believe it is the work of the devil. The ones that believe it is the devil’s work are out to destroy the makers.

The one person who knows best what really went wrong so many years ago is dead. David Brown, son of the virus creator wants to set things right. He does not believe his father is guilty of killing so many people. David sets out on a mission to find the truth about what really happened.

Unholy Domain is a great high-tech, sci-fi, techno-thriller. I can’t believe I just said that. I usually stray away from these types of books, only because I have tried reading this genre before and usually find that these books don’t excite me much. With this book I did not have to worry about this happening to me. In fact my hands and eyes were glued to every word till the every last page. I have Mr. Ronco to thank for writing this savvy thriller. I can now once again get my feet wet and give this genre another try. What I liked so much about this novel is the fast pace and the question of what if…what if this really did happen, what would we do? Would we fear technology or accept it. That is the question. I recommend anyone who is looking for something new to read to pick up a copy of Unholy Domain today.

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Anonymous said…
Great review! Steve loved both of his books. I think there is another one coming out. Can't wait!
Lynda said…
Great review - must get hold of this ;0)

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