Seducing a Scottish Bride

Lady Gelis MacKenzie is an heiress. She is one of the most beautiful and headstrong heiress to live in the highlands. Gelis may be an heiress but she is just like every other woman and in the fact that she is looking for love. Gelis ends up dreaming of a dark haired man, who she believes is her true love.

Ronan MacRuari is cursed and so because of this he won’t marry again. He has just recently buried his second wife. Ronan is also known as the Raven. This is because of his dark hair. Too much of Ronan’s disappointment, he learns that he is to be married for the third time to Lady Gelis. He tries to get rid of Gelis by warning her of his curse. Gelis does not believe in curses. She is determined to prove to Ronan that she is the woman for him. Who knows, like the saying says “The third time’s the charm”!

I really enjoyed Gelis. She is charming to everyone, kind and was willing to put up with all of Ronan’s crap. I could see why all of the ladies wanted Ronan. He is tall, stocky and a great protector. Seducing a Scottish Bride is book six in this series. The good part is that you do not have to read the rest of the books to enjoy this story. This book is a quick read. You could tell that author Sue-Ellen Welfonder really enjoys her historicals. I am adding Sue-Ellen Welfonder to my list of authors to keep reading.

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Darlene said…
I've not heard of this author but this definitely sounds like a book that I'd like reading. So, another for the wishlist. You've been giving me quite a few of those lately Cheryl-lol.
The Bookworm said…
this sounds very good! I always enjoy a good historical romance.
Carol L. said…
The 5 previous books were fantastic. I love Sue Ellen Welfonder. I especially love Scottish Highlanders. :)
I can't wait to read Seducing A Scottish Bride. It seems like only yesterday I was reading about Duncan and now were reading his daughter. :)

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