Privy to Murder

Talihina Cates has moved back to her hometown of Love, Texas. Tali now finds herself living with her mother. This wouldn’t be so bad if her mother, Lucinda Marie Carter-Downs otherwise known as Mumsie was normal like everyone else. Mumsie has the gift to communicate with spirits. This gift has also been passed on to Tali and her children…her son Sean and her daughter, Cass.

Tali and her friend, Renee manages a catering business together. During one of their parties, Tali’s stumbles upon her client Mag Tannehill in the bathroom. She has been murdered. It is than that Tali starts getting haunted by Mag’s ghost. Tali jumps on the case to solve Mag’s murder, before she goes crazy with the haunting of a vengeful ghost.

I have not read many ghost stories but thought Privy to Murder was a good one. Tali brings an upbeat and funny charm to this book. One of my favorite characters in this story is Mumsie. She looks at Tali and everyone else like they are the crazy ones and that it is normal to talk to spirits. Carol Shenold writes a good old-fashion murder mystery with an interesting plot and good characters. I plan to check out all of the rest of Tali’s stories.


The Bookworm said…
sounds good, and pretty cover too.
I like ghost stories.
Darlene said…
This sounds so good Cheryl. Right up my alley with ghost stories. I really love the cover too. I agree with Naida, it's very pretty.
Cheryl said…
Yeah I have to admit that I have not read many ghost stories but this one was a good one
Sharon said…
Sounds good, thanks. I like to read ghost stories.
Darlene said…
Cheryl, is this an arc? I tried finding it on Amazon and it wouldn't come up.
Cheryl said…
Dar - You can purchase the book at
Darlene said…
Oooooh, thanks so much Cheryl!

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