The Crooked Path

Lettie has always felt different from and overshadowed by the women around her– this friend is richer, that friend is more beautiful, those friends are closer. Still, she doesn’t let this hold her back. She works hard to apply her mind, trying to compensate for her perceived lack of beauty with diligent academic work and a successful career as a doctor. She learns to treasure her friendships, but she still wonders if any man will ever return her interest.

Marco’s experiences in the second world war have robbed him of love and health. When winters in his native Italy prove dangerous to his health even after the war has ended, he moves to South Africa to be with his brother, husband to one of Lettie’s best friends. Marco is Lettie’s first patient, and their relationship grows as she aids him on the road back to restored health.

In the company of beloved characters from The Child of the River, Marco and Lettie find a happiness that neither of them thought possible. With that joy comes pain and loss, but Lettie learns that life—while perhaps a crooked path—is always a journey worth taking.

My Review

I absolutely loved, loved this book. Everything from the location of South Africa to the storyline, and the characters. The author found the magic touch striking the right balance with all of these elements. A treasured read!

The story starts out with Marco fleeing with his love and her family. They barely survive to be captured by the Germans. Once freed, Marco is the only one to be alive. He travels to South Africa to be with his brother. In this opening section of the story, I got to meet Marco and start forming a bond with him without the distraction of many other characters. I only say "meet" Marco as I truly got to know him once he met Lettie. He was a true gentleman during the courting stage, a caring husband, great father and brother, and a lover of music.

Now, I need to talk about Lettie. She is also kind and a good friend. Yet, she really blossomed when she met Marco. She was a good wife, mother, alright cook, and had a nice laugh. Marco and Lettie forever. If you are in the look out for an amazing read, you need to check out this book.

About Irma Joubert
International bestselling author Irma Joubert was a history teacher for 35 years before she began writing. Her stories are known for their deep insight into personal relationships and rich historical detail. She’s the author of eight novels and a regular fixture on bestseller lists in The Netherlands and in her native South Africa. She is the winner of the 2010 ATKV Prize for Romance Novels.

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I already wanted to read this book but your review has me bumping it to the top of my TBR list - it sounds SO good!

Thanks for being a part of the tour.

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