Rafe Rebellius and the Clash of the Genres

Fourteen-year-old Rafe Rabellius really gets into books. Like, literally. And sometimes he can't get out.

After being dragged cross-country by his research scientists parents all his life—Greenfort High will be his seventh school when Rafe starts in the fall—there's hope. If Rafe will agree to share his new home with a so-called extended family he's never even heard of (what kind of name is Genrés anyway?), they'll stay put for four whole years. Cool, right?

Is a wooden staff shoved under your throat by a short, fully robed and hooded man with caterpillar eyebrows named Whic the Druid Warrior cool? Is it cool to find yourself suddenly in a stagecoach under attack by pseudo-Indians? What about unwittingly rescuing a robot princess from the 29th century who has auto-growing hair with LED glowing tips? Is that cool? Well, yeah. Rafe thinks that's pretty cool. But he's afraid he's not.

Struggling to define himself, Rafe is drawn into an urgent battle to save his newfound home and its collection of different genre characters: fantasy, hard-boiled noir, romance, western and more. As Rafe is bounced from book to book, his attempts to help soon backfire and the conflict expands to threaten their varied story worlds as well as his own very real one. Unless Rafe can conquer his lifelong timidity and use his just-discovered abilities to find his own story, it's The End for them all.

My Review

I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading this book. Although, this book may be written for younger readers; adults like myself will have fun reading this book as well. I know my nephews will for sure. The best part about reading books is that they can transport you to many different, imaginary places. Yet, Rafe does not have to dream about them as he is actually transported into the stories themselves. There was one story that I did have a favorite and that was the Western with Two Guns. Rafe did a good job handling each situation he found himself in. He is smart and brave.

The author brought lots of life to the characters, this book overall, and kept the action coming. Also, what I noticed is that there were not a lot of hard to pronounce words that my nephews would have a easy time reading this book on their own. This book is a quick read. I read it in one afternoon. I would read more books by this author.  


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