Project XX

Girls just wanna have guns.

Males are almost always the perpetrators of mass shootings. But females are fully capable of shocking acts of violence and, in the US, military-style weapons are as easy to access as a new hairstyle.

Like Fight Club for girls, Project XX is a biting satire of the American obsession with violent destruction in the midst of rampant materialism. The darkly humorous story of girls on a rampage will grip you by the throat and not let go until you gasp for breath on the last page.

My Review

In order for a book to work you have to like the character. Well, it does help anyways. In this case, I not only did not like the main character but found her very bitter and annoying. I kept waiting for the story to start. If this book was about an angry teenager, who did not have a good relationship with her mom, than, this book fits. Yet, I am left wondering where is this turning point when the story gets to the destruction that girls/women can be mass killers as well. Well not at the half way point of the story. It is still about Aimee and her despise of her mother and her various boyfriends.

I know that Aimee must do something as she is the one telling the story but it was like the story was in a loop. Plus, I wanted to know more about H8er. H8er seems like an important person in the story, who influences Aimee but I did not know much about this person. Oh, and there is nothing funny about this story but there are some crude moments. I did not continue on reading this book to the end. Maybe someone else will enjoy this book better than me.


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