The Color of Rain

Rain White is the sole protector for her younger brother. He is ill. He has Alzheimer's. Rain has heard that the planet Edge where the Mercs live can cure Rain’s brother. Rain has no money. Rain meets Johnny. Johnny will take Rain and her brother on his starship for a price…Rain’s virginity. Rain agrees. What Rain does not know is the fate she just sealed for herself with the devil.

I have been hooked lately on the “young adult” genre. So even though this book is being marketed at the teen audience, adults will enjoy it as well. I do want to say however that even though this book is aimed at the teen audience I would suggest that the teen readers start at age 16+. This is because of some of the subject matter in this book like the loss of virginity and prostitution. On the other hand however, I did find this book to be intriguing and refreshing. The world and the concept is not something that I have read yet. The way things are described as people like Rain see them in color. For example the facts that the color of her hair being “true red” is very important and is considered to be a very high commodity like gold. As everything views things in color like gray. Also people who are affected by Alzheimer's are feared and considered to be “touched”.

There is a nice romance that is formed in this book with Rain. The guy is nice so that helped. I hated Johnny as he was mean. Which I am sure was the point the author was trying to portray about Johnny. As much as I did like this book, it did take a few chapters for me to really get into this book and for it to pick up speed. You better put on your technicolor goggles as you take a journey with The Color of Rain.


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