21 Blogs with Tips for How to Start a Book Club

For people who love to read and be social, a book club can be the perfect outlet. Book clubs are a chance to kick back and unwind with friends over a shared interest. If you’re just starting a book club, pick one evening a month to sit back with a group of friends and discuss a book the group previously decided to read. Dissect the characters, the plot and the writing while enjoying food, drinks and good company. Need to occupy the kids for the night? Have them form a kids book club! Can’t commit to a regular monthly meeting? Start or join an online book club forum. Take a look at these 21 blog posts for plenty of helpful information on starting a book club for adults, kids or online.


Before you start a book club, you need to consider how many people you want to include and if it’s an open club or one that’s by invite only. You’ll also want to decide if you’re going to focus on one particular genre or if you’re going to read books from all walks of life. These seven blog entries will help you work through the details and figure out where to begin.

•Why I Love Book Clubs & Tips on How to Start One You can find a list of things you should consider when creating a book club on this blog post.

•Quick Guide: Start Your Summer Book Club Find a list of things to consider from Oprah when starting a book club, such as whether you pick new or old titles.

•Young Professional Problems: (Not Your Mom’s) Book Club Read this clever and funny post about a book club for young professionals.

•Book Clubs Made Easy! A simple solution to starting a book club is offered in this blog article.


Starting a book club for kids can help kids improve their reading comprehension, as well as expose them to the idea that people can have different viewpoints on the same thing. While the focus of a book club for children should be about having fun, kids will still learn a lot from taking part in a book club. These seven blog articles will help you get started.

•5 Ways to Avoid the “Summer Slide” and Keep Kids Reading Fun ideas, like creating a chart and posting it on the wall, are detailed in this blog post.

•How to Host a Children’s Book Club You can read many quality tips about what to do to start a kids’ book club and what the kids can learn by being in one.

•How to Start Your Own Little Book Club The questions posed on this blog article will help you work through some of the details about forming a book club.

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