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Willa was working when she suddenly felt a strong presence. She did not know what it was. That is until she meets Simon. From that moment on neither Willa nor Simon can stand to be alone without each other for very long.

Willa has a secret. She can see ghosts and talk to them. So when a ghost reaches out to Willa for help she can not refuse. Now there is the matter of telling Simon her secret.

Blood Moon is the first book in the Moonlight Trilogy series. I have to tell you that if you like fantasy and witches then you will enjoy this series. I was really pleased with how much I enjoyed this book. All of the characters in this book are interesting.

I like the love story forming between Willa and Simon. I actually did not mind that they had just met and already were soul mates. I could tell that they were meant for each other. This book can be enjoyed by all ages. The romance is mild and on the sweet side and so is the violence. While there is some in the battle scenes and talk of one of the bad guys cutting one of the imprisoned witches it is still not gory.

This first book was so good that I can not wait to read book two. Blood Moon will cast a spell on you!

The Eternal Allure of Magic by Teri Harman

The fascination with witches has stood the test of time because of three human obsessions: power, controversy and the unknown.

POWER: People love power. We want it, need it, lack it, find it, lose it, respect it, envy it, dream about it, fear it. Witches in all their forms, from the real physic healers of ancient times to our fantastical fictional recreations, have and fight for power.

In the case of the Moonlight witches, that power is the ability to control the elements, the earth, and tap into energies all around us. They play with power in things as tiny as growing a flower out of the ground and then as big as breaking into the mind of a corpse to pull out his last memories. In BLOOD MOON, the story centers around a fight for power, for the control of the most powerful magic. It’s Light witches vs. Dark and a race to the night of the Blood Moon, October’s full moon.

CONTROVERSARY: We humans can’t get enough of controversy. We crave it and seek it out in books, movies, TV, the news, and even our own lives. Witches have always been a source of controversy. They sit on the outside of what is normal and so fascinate. Even the famous Salem Witch Trials started with a family rivalry between the Putnam and Porter families.

In BLOOD MOON, there is plenty of agitation and dispute. Willa and Simon, who’ve lived with strange abilities all their lives, but never known they were witches until recently, must face the hard choice of joining in a fight between Light and Dark. If they join the Light covens they’ll be a part of magical history and have access to the earth’s greatest powers, but it may also mean giving up everything they’ve ever known and loved.

UNKNOWN: Magic is unpredictable. Anything can and usually does happen. Witches test the unknown, they create it. It’s exciting. To venture into the unknown and discover what’s beyond is a natural human instinct. We brave high mountains, we seek out new worlds, we try new medicines and new foods. We write a book and hope people will read it 

Willa and Simon live in a world of the unknown. And their journey of discovery is at the heart of BLOOD MOON and the entire trilogy. After all, it’s what we all do: face the unknown and walk forward.


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