Blood Makes Noise does make noise in a great way.

She went by the name of Eva Peron. However the people of Argentina would always know her as Evita Peron. She is an icon for the people. So much so that her husband paid lots of money to keep her grave guarded. Some people had other plans. Evita’s body is moved and former CIA agent Michael Suslov was one of the witnesses to the process.

Now Michael has been called upon to find Evita’s body and bring it back. Only time is not on Michael’s side. Several other people are on the hunt to find Evita’s body. Michael just has to make sure he is the first one there while not getting killed.

If this book is Mr. Widen’s debut novel then I can not wait to see what he has in store for his second one. Blood Makes Noise does make noise in a great way. If you are looking for something good to read then treat yourself and pick up a copy of Blood Makes Noise. You won’t be sorry.

The action did not happen until about midway into the book but I was fine with that. Yes, you just read this right. I did say it was ok that the action did not start right away. This is because the story itself was exciting enough that it kept my interest. What made it so appealing is that a lot of the true facts were incorporated into this story.


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