Children of the Jacaranda Tree is a heart-wrenching, memorizing book!

I can not tell you what really drew me to want to check this book out. This is not my typical reading but I am always looking for new authors to me. Right away I knew that I was holding a winner when I started reading this book. All of the lovely characters. I liked the way that all of their stories intertwined so smoothly into one another’s. Their stories were very personal and thus it helped to draw me into the book.

I can not really name a favorite as I liked all of the people in this book. Because there was such an easy flow between the different time periods it made reading this book a breeze. I think what also made me like this book was that it was mixed with true life. We who have never been to another country or were raised in America can forget the harsh reality that others have to endure when we are not faced with these situations. This is why I thought that Sahar did a good job of incorporating the truth into this book. I could see this book being made into a movie. Children of the Jacaranda Tree is a heart-wrenching, memorizing book! It is a worthy investment that you should pick up and read.

About the Author

Sahar Delijani, a Pushcart Prize nominee, was born in Evin Prison in Tehran in 1983 and grew up in California, where she graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. She lives with her husband in Turin, Italy.


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