Faking It has turned me into a fan of Cora Carmack’s for life.

Mackenzie “Max” is a musician. She looks the part too with her dyed red hair and tattoos. Oh and her boyfriend. That is the problem. Max’s parents arrived in town for a surprise visit. They want to meet Max’s boyfriend. Max knows they can not meet the real one. Max is in desperate need to find a “boyfriend”. That is when she spots Cade. She hires him to play her “boyfriend” Except things start getting real between Cade and Max.

Faking It is the second book from author, Cora Carmack. In this book it is Cade’s turn to have his story. He was featured in the first book, Losing It. However he was second string. With Losing It that book was witty and provided some laughs. Faking It is more on the sexual romance side. Don’t be alarmed when I use the word “sexual” as I don’t mean this book is on the erotic side but just that the romance is steamier then in the prior novel.

Cade is a nice guy and has a great sense of humor. I did not really get to see the humor side of Cade in the first book. He and Max were great together. I like that she was the tough one in this book. However she was not so tough when it came to Cade. It seemed that every time she was around him and the longer she hung out with him she was pretty quick to spill her secrets. Oh well Max already had Cade hooked so it did not matter anymore if her flirting was on the rusty side. Faking It has turned me into a fan of Cora Carmack’s for life.


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