Joyland is a joy to read.

Devin Jones is in love with his girlfriend, Wendy. Although lately it seems to be one sided. Wendy goes off with a friend and leaves Devin. You want to know when you can tell that your relationship has gone sour…when all you receive is the occasional postcard that only has about two lines and one of the lines is written by your girlfriend’s friend.

Devin gets a job working at the carnival, Joyland. Working at the carnival takes his mind off Wendy. Well that and a murder at the carnival. Where people have seen the ghost haunting the haunted house.

I have read a handful of books by Mr. King, so I would not call myself an uber fan. However I am familiar with his books and the ones that have been turned into movies. I wonder what goes on in the mind of someone like Mr. King. Probably things like his latest book Joyland.

To be honest the first thing that caught my eye and made me want to read this book was the awesome book cover. Big kudos to the art department. The cover reminded me of the old Nancy Drew books I read. Of course the other bonus to wanting to read this book is that it sounded really good and it is written by Mr. King.

Well I can tell you that this book is everything that I hoped it would be. If you can never read a Stephen King book, you are a fan, or you are just getting back into his books then you have to run to your local bookstore and pick up a copy for yourself and maybe one more copy to share with a friend. Joyland is a joy to read. It will have you wanting to go to the carnival and having you falling in love with Mr. King again.


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