Gods of Mischief

First off let me say that if you are easily offended my foul language then don’t go any further and read this book. Mr. Rowe lays it all on the line and airs his dirty laundry. For this fact, this is why I enjoyed reading this book. It felt raw and unscripted. Like I really got to know who the “real” George is. On this same note, as much as I did appreciate getting to know George and his childhood, I did feel like after a while of reading these things that it did slow down the reading of this book some.

There was one comment that I read that Mr. Rowe said that I thought this is a big understatement. It was “Hanging with the Vagos was not my idea of keeping good company.” No one person would really want to hang with the Vagos unless you wanted to live a life of crime or are an undercover agent. Me, I would rather have a root canal. To do all the things George had to do to become a member and accepted by the Vagos is not for me. Like for example getting the back of his head tattooed with “Green Nation” for the Vagos. The ending is kind of sad. Knowing that even though George helped to take down the Vagos in a major bust that the Vagos are still alive and well and have doubled and maybe tripled in size is scary. So it does make you wonder what is the point of informants when the gang is just going to grow again with new leaders and the informants are left to constantly watch their back for the rest of their lives. Still a good read.


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