Finding the Voice Inside You

I briefly read about Jill Birth’s story when I was checking out her website and reading the book summary. So I was intrigued to read her story. I must say that Jill’s story does have a happy ending. Great for her. Although as Jill chronologicals her journey to where she is currently in life, it was a long and difficult road. In fact at times it was depressing to read about how many times that Jill had failed and her food addiction.

Jill shares her success and tips on how to achieve your goal for a healthy lifestyle. This is important the word “lifestyle”. Because once you learn all the tips and get mentally prepared to achieve your goals you will have made a permanent lifestyle. I appreciated Jill sharing her tips but they weren’t new ones. They are ones that I have heard before and can find on the internet. Like eat more fruits and veggies, exercise, etc. I was expecting to learn more then what I already knew. Not to say that I need help. However what I did take away from this book is that having a great support system goes a long way.


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