Bad Blood

There are dueling villages. The Kushtaka and the Kuskulana. The villages sit across the river from each other.

Pat Mack goes to check on Tyler. Tyler is suppose to be catching fish from the fish wheel. Something is stuck in the wheel. Pat pulls on the item and is left speechless by what he sees. It is Tyler. He has been crammed into one of the baskets in the fish wheel.

Jim Chopin heads up the murder investigation. Who would want to kill Tyler and why? Is there another grudge going on between the Kushtaka and the Kuskulana? These are all questions that Jim must find answers to. He is going to need some assistance, so he calls on his girlfriend, PI Kate Shugak.

I have seen this author’s name around but have not have not had the pleasure of reading one of Dana’s books yet. Bad Blood sounded intriguing to me, so I decided to start now. Ok, after reading this book my report is…Why?! Why have I not read this series sooner?

I liked Jim and Kate’s witty banter that they had with each other. I could tell that they made a good couple even though they spent most of the book apart from each other. For me I tended to like Jim more. This is only because he was more involved with the murder, which is where my focal point was at. However, I also did like Kate. She brought a nice female perspective to the book. Having not read any of the prior novels, there were things about her that made me want to get to know her better. Thus I will be going back to the beginning. The ending was just as promised. I was surprised by how it ended. There is nothing bad about this book. It is all good.


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