Rebekah witnesses her brother, Laban convince his way into power at her father’s death bed. Laban becomes the man of the household. As time passes Rebekah realizes that Laban has his own greed in mind and not Rebekah’s best interest when it comes to finding her a husband. Laban is holding out until he finds the highest bidder for his sister.

Abraham figures it is time for his son, Isaac to find a wife. Rebekah agrees to marry Isaac. Things are going well in the beginning but as time passes and Rebekah does not bare any children, Isaac and Rebekah start to drift some. That is until Rebekah gives birth to twins.

Rebekah is the second book in the Wives of Patriarchs series. You don’t have to read the first book as each book in this series is focused on a different woman in the Bible.

I had a pleasurable time reading this book. More then I thought I would. I sat down to start reading this book and by the time that I stopped to take a break, I was almost half way down. I started reading this book again while in bed and I made to make myself put it down so that I could get some sleep.

Rebekah is a great woman. The times that she was outspoken were good. However, I can not imagine living back then in this time when the women did not really have a voice. The plus side of living in this time would have been getting to know Abraham and Jesus and knowing you were destined for greatness through the Lord. This book is not preachy; it just tells the story of Rebekah. Jill did a wonderful job bringing Rebekah’s story to life.

“Available February 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

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