The Fate of Mercy Alban is a chilling, good read!

Grace Alban and her daughter, Amity return to Alban House. For Grace, it is a sad homecoming. Grace’s mother has passed away. Her mother’s death has people wondering has the Alban curse struck again?

Grace makes funeral arrangements with Pastor Matthew. Strange things start happening in the house. Grace together with Matthew’s help investigate the Alban curse. Will Grace be able to handle the truth?

Wendy Webb is a new to me author. I love to discover new authors. After reading this book, I plan to keep Wendy on my radar. The Fate of Mercy Alban is a chilling, good read! This book just might make you glad you don’t live in an old, haunted mansion. This book starts out good then slows down some but luckily not for long. The middle when Grace starts uncovering her family’s secret and the curse is when the story picks up again. The last third of this book had me hooked until the last page. It was during the last few pages of this book that I was happy. Not because it had ended but because I knew I would be enjoying more to come from Wendy very soon again.

The romance involving Grace and Matthew I admit, I was not feeling. To be fair, Grace and Matthew did not get too romantically involved. So that had something to do with it. In addition, I was more intrigued with the Alban curse then I was with any romance.


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