Lottie Barrett Lives (Again)

Review by Nancy

Okay. Here’s the deal: you’re thirteen, your first girlfriend’s best friend thinks she’s a witch and it’s Halloween night. Already you’re getting the picture. Maybe Charlene really was a witch because she tried to raise a girl their age who had died a long time ago and the next morning in school there was a new student – Lottie Barrett.

Hmmmmm. Is she Charlene’s cousin like she says? Where are Charlene and her mother? They sure aren’t in town but Lottie is staying at their house. The one adult they confided in is now dead by suicide (yeah, riiiight.) Lottie seems a bit…distracted.

The kids are worried. The adults seem to think they’ve made up a great joke. But what if Lottie is the girl Charlene tried to raise? What happens then?

This YA story is written quite well. We have teenage angst (love that word) and adult disbelief. We have girl argument6s, young love and a possible ghostly person. What more would you ask for? Got out and get this for your teen, but read it first – you’ll love it.

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