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The Condor Song

Buck Anderson is an environmentalist. He has found something of great importance. Something that will stop a big ski report from building. Something that someone is willing to kill for. While hiking Buck is shot at. Later on two hikers find Buck dead. Buck’s niece calls on Sean to help her. She and the Sierra Club need Sean’s help to fight the ski resort. Sean takes on the case before he learns that his old employer is defending the other side.

I thought this was a good book. Despite never fully committing to the characters. There is no great surprise as to how this book will end. Early on I understood why the two sides were fighting so hard. I could see both sides and there pros and cons but of course I sided with Buck. His drive to protect the condors was important. This is why Sean fought so hard as he did as well.

There was a lot of back and forth interaction with both sides. However the parts I liked the most was the legal drama in this book. Sean may not have been the most intriguing character but he was a lawyer with a heart. This is an oxymoron but a nice oxymoron. To be honest the fact that there might have been similarities with Disney and this story did not away me on wanting to read this book. However it does go to show you how far a big corporation will go to get what they want. Hopefully not murder.

The Color of Rain

Rain White is the sole protector for her younger brother. He is ill. He has Alzheimer's. Rain has heard that the planet Edge where the Mercs live can cure Rain’s brother. Rain has no money. Rain meets Johnny. Johnny will take Rain and her brother on his starship for a price…Rain’s virginity. Rain agrees. What Rain does not know is the fate she just sealed for herself with the devil.

I have been hooked lately on the “young adult” genre. So even though this book is being marketed at the teen audience, adults will enjoy it as well. I do want to say however that even though this book is aimed at the teen audience I would suggest that the teen readers start at age 16+. This is because of some of the subject matter in this book like the loss of virginity and prostitution. On the other hand however, I did find this book to be intriguing and refreshing. The world and the concept is not something that I have read yet. The way things are described as people like Rain see them in color. For example the facts that the color of her hair being “true red” is very important and is considered to be a very high commodity like gold. As everything views things in color like gray. Also people who are affected by Alzheimer's are feared and considered to be “touched”.

There is a nice romance that is formed in this book with Rain. The guy is nice so that helped. I hated Johnny as he was mean. Which I am sure was the point the author was trying to portray about Johnny. As much as I did like this book, it did take a few chapters for me to really get into this book and for it to pick up speed. You better put on your technicolor goggles as you take a journey with The Color of Rain.

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Leah hated Thursdays. Specifically, she hated what she was forced to do on Thursdays—a program called ‘Heal the Heart, Save the Body,’ which was a convoluted way of saying ‘therapy for sex addicts.’

Despite her roommate’s insistence, Leah did not have a ‘sex problem.’ So she liked the occasional one night stand. So what? She was twenty-one and single. There was nothing wrong with wanting to make the most of it.

Yet here she was, preparing for another session where she’d have to listen to some old guy attempt to teach a room full of so-called sexual deviants the skills to function in a civilized world.

Because left to their own devices, they wouldn’t be able to resist the primal urge to hump everything that moved. Obviously.

Who decided sex was an addiction anyway? Or that someone should need therapy to “fix” it? Sex was good for you. It was a de-stresser. If it wasn’t, then you were doing it wrong.

She made a face at the platter of cookies set on an uneven seat a few feet away. She had tried one of them a few meetings ago, and it had nearly broken her tooth. They were sturdy enough to survive a nuclear apocalypse. They were cockroach cookies.

Maybe that was the key to these therapy sessions—to knock everyone out with stale confections so they were incapable of having sex.


When twenty-one-year-old Leah Carter's latest one night stand burglarizes her apartment, her roommate forces her to attend therapy for sex addicts. Leah insists she isn't a sex addict; she just doesn't do relationships. After all, sooner or later, everyone lets you down.

At first, the group sessions are little more than an education on how to be promiscuous. Until she meets the newest addict—blue eyes, killer body, and a smile that tempts relapse.

Psychology student Will McLean is posing as a fellow addict while researching a case study on unusual addictions. But the more he learns about Leah, the more certain he is that his desire to break through her walls and unearth her secrets has nothing to do with his assignment.

As the uncertainties spike alongside the sexual tension, the only thing Leah knows for sure is that falling in love would be disastrous. Too bad love might be one addiction she can't kick.

Author information:

Colina Brennan grew up in a small city, which gave her plenty of time to read and stretch her imagination. By day, she's attached to her kids, and by night, to her laptop. She writes about the fantastical and the romantic, and everything in between. Addicted to You is her first novel.

Facebook: BrennanColina

Goodreads: Colina Brennan

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Jodi and Todd are married. They have reached a point in their marriage where they are just going through the routines. They don’t really love each other but it is almost too much effort to change things. Even though Todd is cheating on Jodi and Jodi knows it.

I have not read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn so I can not compare that book to this book. I was in the mood for something different and this book sounded like that something different that I wanted to read.

I like the alternating points of views with the “her” and “his” chapters. It makes the story more intimate. Also, it is a good way to draw me in as the reader. My biggest draw back with this book was Jodi and Todd. They both lived in their own giant bubbles. Neither one wanting to disturb the other one for fear that their bubble would burst and they would have to really face reality. I knew going into this book that Todd was going to be a jerk but I did not realize how much I was not going to like Jodi either. Even with not liking the characters, this is a quick read though. This book does give you more of the human prospective with the psychological as well.

A Diet to Die for is a ridiculously, entertaining, not to be missed, good read!

Jen is an event planner. She is currently coordinating a party of celebrity baker, Bess Brantwood. The party is going well until someone yells that Bess is dead. Yup Bess is as dead as a door nail. There is just one question…”Who killed Bess and why?”

Jen finds herself on the case along with her two friends. It is not all bad as one of the police officer’s on the case is named Alex. He is a hunk.

I knew from the book cover and the comment on the front saying “Does this murder make my butt look big?” that this book was going to be a fun one to read. However I was in for a really yummy treat.

Jen and her friends are a hoot. They are so much fun to hang out with. Um hello, Elizabeth. Yeah it is a good thing that I like to work out or I would probably feel the same way as Jen does about Elizabeth. Although, I have to admit that anyone who can make someone else look like they are thin in workout clothing is a goddess.

The romance building between Jen and sexy detective Alex is a good one. Things are going to be interesting between these two. A Diet to Die for is a ridiculously, entertaining, not to be missed, good read!

About the Author: Sarah Steding has cut carbs, calories, white foods, yellow foods, packaged foods, and fatty foods (not all at the same time, or any for more than a few well-intentioned days). She's tried grapefruit, cayenne-spiced lemonade, macrobiotics, and even gummy bears. While crusading against thunder thighs, she has developed quite a sense of humor about the whole ordeal. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, with three little boys and a husband who has learned to say she looks quite slender in those jeans.

Low-carb Chocolate Mousse

2 tbsp cold water

1 envelope unflavored gelatin

4 tbsp boiling water

1 cup granulated zero-calorie sugar substitute-try Truvia

1/2 cup unsweetened powdered cocoa

1/8 tsp salt

1 cup heavy whipping cream

1/2 tsp almond extract

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp whipped cream

Place a large mixing bowl into the frig a half an hour before beginning your recipe. Place cold water in a medium bowl. Sprinkle in the envelope unflavored gelatin. Add the boiling water and stir until all of the gelatin is dissolved.

Take the bowl that has been chilled out of the frig. Combine the sugar substitute, cocoa powder, salt, cream, and the almond and vanilla extract. Use a mixer on medium speed to beat the mixture until still peaks form. Beat in the gelatin mixture.

Serve in parfait glasses with a dollop of whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa powder.

  Servings: 4

Total carbs for serving: 7.3 grams

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21 Blogs with Tips for How to Start a Book Club

For people who love to read and be social, a book club can be the perfect outlet. Book clubs are a chance to kick back and unwind with friends over a shared interest. If you’re just starting a book club, pick one evening a month to sit back with a group of friends and discuss a book the group previously decided to read. Dissect the characters, the plot and the writing while enjoying food, drinks and good company. Need to occupy the kids for the night? Have them form a kids book club! Can’t commit to a regular monthly meeting? Start or join an online book club forum. Take a look at these 21 blog posts for plenty of helpful information on starting a book club for adults, kids or online.


Before you start a book club, you need to consider how many people you want to include and if it’s an open club or one that’s by invite only. You’ll also want to decide if you’re going to focus on one particular genre or if you’re going to read books from all walks of life. These seven blog entries will help you work through the details and figure out where to begin.

•Why I Love Book Clubs & Tips on How to Start One You can find a list of things you should consider when creating a book club on this blog post.

•Quick Guide: Start Your Summer Book Club Find a list of things to consider from Oprah when starting a book club, such as whether you pick new or old titles.

•Young Professional Problems: (Not Your Mom’s) Book Club Read this clever and funny post about a book club for young professionals.

•Book Clubs Made Easy! A simple solution to starting a book club is offered in this blog article.


Starting a book club for kids can help kids improve their reading comprehension, as well as expose them to the idea that people can have different viewpoints on the same thing. While the focus of a book club for children should be about having fun, kids will still learn a lot from taking part in a book club. These seven blog articles will help you get started.

•5 Ways to Avoid the “Summer Slide” and Keep Kids Reading Fun ideas, like creating a chart and posting it on the wall, are detailed in this blog post.

•How to Host a Children’s Book Club You can read many quality tips about what to do to start a kids’ book club and what the kids can learn by being in one.

•How to Start Your Own Little Book Club The questions posed on this blog article will help you work through some of the details about forming a book club.

  To read more go to Nanny Websites

Sweet Revenge: Dueling with the Devil Blog Tour + Giveaway

About the Book:

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. What if that woman is a demon, in fact Lilith's very own daughter? Isabella LaCoste vowed to get her revenge on her ex and his new human fiance. She didn't commit fifty years of her life to be thrown out like last season's runway fad. But taking vengeance on an upper level Shifter Demon and the newly crowned Voodoo Princess might not be a one demon job. She volunteers her services to Lucifer to deliver Angel and Jacque in exchange for his help. She never expected her new partner in crime would fill the void in her broken heart.

Not even death brought him peace. Xavier Toussant wanted out of his contract and the killing business. His last assignment was his own brother and he failed to deliver. Lucifer didn't appreciate his valor in dealing with his brother, Jacque. In fact, it only created more problems. Xavier's back on assignment to capture his brother and the Voodoo chick. Only this time, he's shackled to the craziest female in the Underworld. Xavier finds Isabella LaCoste might be the one thing to put his soul at ease.

Sweet Revenge: Dueling with the Devil Book 2 was a Finalist in the Music City Melody of Love Contest.

Purchase your copy at AMAZON

About the Author:

Although Vivi Dumas grew up an Army brat, she calls Louisiana home, but have endured the hot summers and cold winters of Maryland for the last 16 years. She is a graduate of Mount St. Mary’s University with an MBA in Finance and Marketing. Her analytical side has honed a career in the financial industry for almost twenty years. To balance her logical, numerical day job, she unleashes her creativity in her writing.

Vivi pens multicultural paranormal romance, mixing the two genres she loves. Her steamy paranormal romances indulge in worlds inhabited by demons, werewolves, vampires, and other supernatural beings. She has published works with Decadent Publishing, Ravenous Romance, and Breathless Press.

Her latest book is the paranormal romance, Sweet Revenge: Dueling with the Devil Book 2.

Visit her website

Connect & Socialize with Vivi!


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Sweet Revenge: Dueling with the Devil Book 2 Book Blast Page:

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Lila Murno's Love Vindicated Book Blast

About the Book:

In 1980, Kyle Montgomery’s life was seemingly perfect. Heavily recruited by Force Recon fresh from the Naval Academy, he’d been working black ops for the Marine Corps for six years and was on the cusp of being promoted to Major. He was on the fast track to bigger and better things, had all the right people vetting him, and he'd married the woman of his dreams and was exploring a lifestyle which could have ended his career. With the Iranian embassy under siege and the Middle East in turmoil, Kyle was sent on a mission which would change the course of his life forever.

Returning home after three months of being invisible, Kyle finds his wife has been murdered by the very people he'd been sent to protect. And instead of the government retaliating, they hand him his walking papers with the agreement they’ll never speak of the events again. It's like Kyle never existed. His wife never existed. And the people who maimed and tortured her never existed.

Resigned to never again walk that path, Kyle opens the first Steele Image club with the thought of providing a safe haven for others like him, those who were invisible to the public and most of the government. Those who had eclectic sexual tastes. Those who would later become his allies. And his enemies. And both will drive him back to the place he’d thought he’d let go of forever to vindicate his love…



About the Author:

Lila Munro currently resides on the coast of North Carolina with her husband and their two four-legged kids. She’s a military wife with an empty nest and takes much of her inspiration for her heroes from the marines she’s lived around for the past fifteen years. Coining the term realmantica, she strives to produce quality romance in a realistic setting. Her genre of choice is contemporary romance that spans everything from the sensual softer read to BDSM and ménage. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading everything she can get her hands on, trips to the museum and aquarium, taking field research trips, and soaking up the sun on the nearby beaches. Her works include The Executive Officer’s Wife, Bound By Trust, Three for Keeps, the Force Recon series, the Slower Lower series, the Identity series, and the Private Collection. Currently she is working on two new series set to release summer of 2013, the At Your Service line and the Steele Image line. She’s a member in good standing of RWA. Ms. Munro loves to hear from her readers and can be contacted at

Her latest book is the BDSM contemporary romance, Love Vindicated.

Visit he website at 


And now for the GIVEAWAY!! Fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card/Paypal Cash + Gift Basket including her Slower & Lower seies of 3 books plus a copy of Executive Officer’s Wife!!

(Ends June 21, 2013)

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Love Vindicated Book Blast Page:


One author, 3 amazing books! Get to know her:

Kerry Taylor was born in London, but is living in Madrid, Spain with her three children.
She has written several romantic comedies, short stories and her first erotica book.

Find more about her at:

If you want to know more about her work, just check her latest releases:

Quick facts for the 3 books:

Format: Paperback, Kindle, nook, apple, Kobo

Genres: Romance/Romantic Comedy/ Contemporary Fiction

Content: There is no explicit content in any of the books.

Blind Dating by Kerry Taylor

A Romantic Comedy

When mid-forties, divorced, single-mother-of-three, Kimberly, realizes her own mother has more of a life than she does, she decides to do something about it. 

Encouraged by success stories from people at work, she joins a dating chat room, ICQ, which starts to rock her world. 

All of a sudden she’s a swinging single, online, with extreme dates, a little dirty talk, and a sense of her new, sexy self— until that fateful moment when her long-time chat-room buddy, LonelySingle, wants to meet. "Are you trying to find a man on Facelook?" her Mom questions, after years of being told it is Facebook! 

What if he doesn’t like her? What if she doesn’t like him? These are the thoughts, inside her head. Until they meet and realise, that they have been friends offline aswell as online! What happens next? A light-hearted, romantic comedy about a single mom finding true love, which was right before her eyes.




STERILE by Isabella Jones (Kerry Taylor)

A Contemporary Woman Fiction

‘I am his wife, he no longer respects, touches or loves me.’

Lisa cries to herself at night. After 15 years of marriage, she cannot accept their fate: a life with no children. She wallows in paranoia as Mark works late and continues his career as a travelling salesman. Her accusations of him cheating on her result in their first major fight which leads to a trail of events that spiral out of Lisa's control.

Will Lisa manage to keep her tenuous grip on her marriage, her life and ultimately reality?

A novel about one woman’s struggle to carry on when her worst nightmare turns into reality.




Love or Money by Kerry Taylor

A Romantic Comedy

Heather and Kelly are two single best friends who live and do everything together. When someone points out that the only other women who have a similar lifestyle are either lesbians or sisters, they decide it is time to move on and get married. How will they choose? Vowing to find their husbands together as well, they embark on a journey, equal parts hunt and madcap dating adventure, to find their dream husbands. With opposite tastes and ideas, will they be able to find husbands together? Searching for a man with money or searching for a man to love—who will find their husband first? And more importantly, is there a happy ending?



Tour Giveaway

  • 3 digital copies of Kerry's book at each blog! So follow the tour, get to know amazing blogs and have a lot more chances!

  • Tour Schedule 

    June 10: Black Lion Tours Blog: Spotlight

    June 11: Fandom FanaticSpotlight 

    June 12: Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews: Interview

                    Love in a Book: Guest Post

    June 13: Clean Romance Reviews: Spotlight

    June 14: Rusty Reads: Spotlight

    June 15: My Reading Obsession: Spotlight

    June 16: Pure Jonel: Review

    June 17: My Devotional Thoughts: Spotlight

    June 18: I know that Book: Spotlight

    June 19: Books, Books The Magical Fruit: Spotlight

                   Melissa's Midnight Musings: Spotlight

    June 21: A Book Lover's Library: Spotlight

    June 23: Kindred Dreamheart: Guest Post

                   A Novel Idea Live: Live Interview

    June 25: My Seryniti: Spotlight

    June 27: Tinasbookreviews: Guest Post

    June 28: Deal Sharing Aunt: Review

    June 29:Paperback Princess: Spotlight

    June 30: That Girl Reads: Spotlight

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    the Dude & Me Virtual Book Publicity Tour


    Seventeen-year-old Danielle Levine is your typical high school teenager – if you count having OCD and ADHD as typical. Danielle’s “special” conditions lead her to a school for students with learning disabilities, and, even here, she struggles to fit in.

    How Danielle navigates her status as a “learning-challenged” teen pariah is told, with equal parts pain and hilarity, in Lauren Roedy Vaughn’s debut Young Adult novel, OCD, THE DUDE, AND ME, which Kirkus Review has hailed as a “must-read.”

    Told through a mélange of Danielle’s class assignments, journal entries, emails, texts, and letters to the school psychiatrist, OCD, THE DUDE, AND ME chronicles Danielle’s efforts to fit into a world that, to her, can be as alien as a distant planet. Yet, Danielle will be recognizable to her readers, with her body-image issues, her crush on an unattainable boy, and her feelings of insecurity over the rigid social code of high school life.

    Just as things seemingly couldn’t get worse for her, Danielle meets a new friend, Daniel, who turns her on to the Coen Brothers’ classic cult film THE BIG LEBOWSKI and its indelible main character, the ever-cool, ever abiding Dude. Daniel and Danielle end up going to the prom together and to Lebowski Fest, an annual event celebrating the Dude and his Buddha-like philosophy, which says that things will work out if you “abide.”

    Vaughn is especially equipped to write Danielle’s story. She has been a special education teacher and a writer for nearly 20 years. She understands that each student with a learning challenge has a unique profile that requires specialized intervention strategies. Danielle benefits from the guidance of charismatic adults to learn how to socialize and accept herself. She is also able to leverage her affinities—reading and writing—in order to shift her perspective and grow.

    Vaughn’s students “live with the stigma” of being called “lazy” and “different,” Vaughn explains. “It is my love for them, my understanding of their diversity that compelled me to write a fictionalized account of one of them and their world. I wanted them to see their value within the context of a story.”

    The major reason for the presence of THE BIG LEBOWSKI and the Dude, Vaughn says, is that the Dude is “an iconic character who lived through a dramatic situation and kept abiding. He is a model for dealing with life’s difficult situations. There are other ‘dudes’ in my story who also affect Danielle.”

    Vaughn herself says she is a “huge fan” of THE BIG LEBOWSKI. “When I was asking the story Gods to help me come up with what could help Danielle, that film popped into my mind. When Danielle witnesses the film, she realizes that life is unpredictable and often ridiculous … abiding is a saner choice.”

    What critics are saying:

    Publisher’s Weekly: Pick of the Week

    Kirkus Review: “A must-read.” (Starred review)

    Star Library Journal: “This one is sure to find an appreciative audience.” (Starred review)

    Seventeen magazine online: “The book’s fun format of traditional long-form, texts, letters, and emails make this book easy and fun to read.”

    Purchase your copy online:


    Review by Aspen

    This book is about a girl named Danielle Levine and her life as an awkward teenager. You could say that Danielle wasn’t exactly popular. At many times, Danielle becomes the main character of her class mates cruel jokes. In the end, she finds true friendship and begins to accept who she is.

    READER BEWARE: This is not a book for children. Let’s just say I learned a few teenage “games” my mom was not prepared to explain. It was pretty funny when mom said “WHAT ARE YOU READING?!!!” I had to skip some parts, but that is okay.

    I think this book would be good for high school girls. I also think that the author could have gotten her point across without using so many bad words. Seriously, who wants to hear that? Overall, this book was over my head


    Lauren Roedy Vaughn is especially equipped to write Danielle’s story. She has been a special education teacher and a writer for nearly 20 years. In 2005, she received the Walk of Hearts Teaching Award, and she serves on the Board of the International Dyslexia Association’s Los Angeles Branch. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, when she was in elementary school. She came to California for college, met her husband at the University of California, Irvine, and they have lived in Southern California ever since. Together, they share a love of The Big Lebowski. When not teaching, reading, or writing, Lauren is usually on a yoga mat.

    Her latest book is the contemporary humorous young adult fiction, OCD, the Dude & Me.

    You can visit Lauren Roedy Vaughn’s website at

    Connect & Socialize with Lauren!


    OCD, the Dude & Me Virtual Book Publicity Tour Schedule
    Monday, June 3 – First Chapter Reveal at Pump Up Your Book

    Monday, June 3 – Interview at The Writer’s Life

    Tuesday, June 4 – Interview & Book Giveaway at I Am a Reader, Not a Writer

    Tuesday, June 4 – First Chapter Reveal at Mom With a Kindle

    Wednesday, June 5 – Book Review & Guest Blogging at Books Beside My Bed

    Friday, June 7 – Interview at Gina’s Library

    Friday, June 7 – Character Guest Blogging at Star Shadow

    Monday, June 10 – Book Review at My Cozy Corner

    Wednesday, June 12 – Character Guest Blogging at 4 the Love of Books

    Thursday, June 13 – Book Review at Community Bookstop

    Friday, June 14 – Book Review at Inside BJ’s Head

    Friday, June 14 – Book Review at Bloggin’ ‘Bout Books

    Monday, June 17 – First Chapter Reveal at Little Library Muse

    Tuesday, June 18 – Book Review at My Neurotic Book Affair

    Wednesday, June 19 – Book Review at Cheryl’s Book Nook

    Thursday, June 20 – Character Guest Post at Melissa’s Midnight Musings

    Friday, June 21 – Interview at Chapter By Chapter

    Friday, June 21 – First Chapter Reveal at Parenting 2.0

    Monday, June 24 – Book Review at Steph the Bookworm

    Tuesday, June 25 – Guest Blogging at Lori’s Reading Corner

    Wednesday, June 26 – Interview at You Gotta Read Reviews

    Thursday, June 27 – Book Review & Book Giveaway at Create With Joy

    Friday, June 28 – Book Review at YA Books Central

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    Cassandra Clare teams up with Sarah Rees Brennan to bring you the third installment in The Bane Chronicles: Vampires, Scones, and Edmund Herondale. Find out what happens next in this original monthly eBook series featuring the immortal warlock Magnus Bane, which has already hit the New York Times bestsellers list with the first two eBooks, What Really Happened in Peru? and The Runaway Queen.   Buy now

    Visit The Bane Chronicles series website

    Download the ShadowHunters app for free


    Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Match...$0.99

    Would an Elizabeth Bennet by any other name be as appealing to a Darcy?

    A single mother and an ER doctor meet on an Internet dating site—each for reasons that have little to do with finding their perfect match—in this modern, Austen-inspired story. It’s a tribute to the power of both “pride” and “prejudice” in bringing two people romantically together, despite their mutual insistence that they should stay apart…

    Beth Ann Bennet isn’t looking for love. She’s an aspiring social worker using an online alias to study sex-role stereotypes. Dr. William Darcy isn’t looking for love either. He’s just trying to fund his new clinic by winning a major bet. Both think Lady Catherine’s Love Match Website will help them get what they want—fast, easy and without endangering their hearts. Both are in for a big surprise.

    Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Match…where true love is just a fib and a click away.


    Beth reviewed her stereotypes list: Greater size and strength, goal-oriented, often highly ambitious, etc., etc. It seemed to pretty much sum up the major male stereotypes as she knew them, omitting universal truths like men’s bizarre predilection toward big tools and bigger remote-control devices.

    She set down her pen. She was armed and ready for today’s coffee “date” and planned to find as much direct, supporting evidence as she could for each point in the few minutes she and Will would spend together. She hoped she could pull this off.

    Somehow she managed to get Charlie to kindergarten, do a morning’s worth of work at the agency and arrive at the Koffee Haus right on time.

    The scent of warm, roasted coffee beans enticed her nostrils even before she made it through the doorway. The singles’ bar of this century had cinnamon shakers and skim milk pitchers on the counter instead of vodka jiggers and salty peanuts, but the idea was unchanged.

    A pair of lanky guys leaned against the counter waiting for their orders to be ready. Neither of them looked anything like Will’s website photograph. Where was he?

    A small table opened up near the door and Beth leaped for it. She slid into the chair and began casing the room. Mostly couples or small groups of friends. A dark-haired man in his early thirties sat alone with a newspaper. His back was to her so she leaned to the left to try to catch a glimpse of his face. It could be him. Might be.

    She leaned a little further but before she could see him she felt that roller-coaster dip in her stomach and lost her balance—hands swiping the floor, chair scraping awkwardly. Very smooth move.

    The guy turned to stare at her. So did everyone else. She readjusted herself and tried to bury her head in her purse. That looked like him. Close enough to the photo anyway to make her pretty sure. He had to think she was a klutz.

    When she looked up, he was staring at her again. An assessing glance. Yep. The game was over before it had a chance to begin. Something about him struck her as odd, though. His email personality was so warm, so charming. This guy—well, arrogant seemed to be a better descriptor.

    She wondered what he’d do now. Ditch her? She grabbed her stereotypes list from her purse, scanning it covertly in case he worked up the nerve to come over before she approached him. A glimpse at her watch told her it was already ten minutes past one. When she looked back at his table, he was gone.

    She sighed. Not good. Her final project was due in a few weeks, and she needed to cite concrete examples of Case Study #1’s behavior, documented and dated over a period of thirty days. She didn’t have time to start again with a new subject...and Charlie’s future was at stake. She stood to go.

    “So, are you the woman Lady Catherine thinks I’m destined for?” a deep voice with a laugh hidden in it whispered in her ear. She swiveled around and stared at the man behind her. He wasn’t the guy with the paper, but he, too, looked like Will's photo. Only better.

    “If so,” he added, “I’m your Perfect Match.”   Purchase