That Certain Summer

Val and Karen are sisters. They are estranged. That changes when their mother suffers a mild stroke. Karen realizing that she can not care for their mother alone calls Val.

Val never wanted to return home but it is time for her to return and put the past behind her once and for all. Karen and Val will learn a lot about each other. They also find romance in David, the physical therapist for their mother and Scott a suffering musician.

I have read this author’s criminal romance suspense novels. I like this direction that the author strayed from and took with her new book. Even though I knew how the story would go and end, I still have a fun time reading this book. Fun is always a good thing.

Right from the beginning when the two guys, David and Scott were introduced in the story and I mean from the very beginning before they had even met Val and Karen, I already knew which guy would end up with which woman and I was right. Opposites do attract.

I liked both sisters. Val and Karen were different in their own ways but both women that I liked and thought were friendly. This does surprise me a little. I thought that Val would be stuck up and Karen would be a wallflower. That was not the case. With Val’s secret she became more personable and with Karen gaining confidence she grew as a person that I enjoyed.

“Available June 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”


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