Anne Perry and the Murder of the Century

I am a little familiar with Anne Perry. I have never read any of her books. In regards to the murder she helped commit, I never read up on it or watched the movie based on the events, Heavenly Creatures. So you ask then why did I want to read this book? It is because I am not familiar with Juliet Hulme otherwise known as Anne Perry that I wanted to read this book. As well as the fact that I do enjoy reading about true crime stories.

While I do appreciate Mr. Graham spending so much time explaining about Anne and Pauline and their families, what I really wanted to read about was the story. Not to say that Anne and Pauline’s childhoods were not part of the story as I do believe it is as it helps to tell sometimes why people do the things that they do.

I do have to agree with another reader who commented on the fact that Mr. Graham went as far as to explain details about what the people were wearing while attending the trial. This is not of great importance to the story. With all this detail it did feel stiff reading this book. There was not so much body and life to the story but just a lot of details. If you took away some of the details then this book would have been shorter at about 100 pages.


Mystica said…
I read her books once and was not impressed. This sounds impressive!

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