Piece of My Heart.

Marisol has big dreams. She wants to be a famous singer. She has the voice. While performing at a party, Marisol is discovered. Her dreams are about to become a reality. Marisol’s first taste of stardom is recording a duet with her favorite singer, Diego. As Marisol gets higher on the stardom ladder, she leaves her friends behind. Marisol will have to make a decision whether to keep following her dreams or stay with her friends.

I found this book to be a really quick read. I was not bored reading this book. I wanted to point this out because I found most of the characters to be selfish, catty, and to have not much depth.

I would recommend this book for the more mature reading audience. So not the younger teens. In this book the characters deal with graduating high school, sex, lies, and love. The author does however give a nice quick look into what a raising star has to endure to make their dreams come true.

Marisol is nice but she was always very naïve. I would have thought she would have had more street smarts. Like did she not really realize what type of attention she would attract wearing flashy, mini skirts and cleavage baring tops. Overall this was a good book. A nice showing for new author, Lynn Maddalena Menna.  


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