Romeo Blue

Flissy was shipped off to stay with her Aunt and Uncle in Maine, while her parents are back in Europe fighting. Not a good time as WWII is going on. Maine is a Big change from London.

Now that Flissy has adjusted and that is a thank you to Derek. He was adopted by Flissy’s relatives. Derek is trying to find his biological father and wants Flissy’s help. Things get interesting when Derek finds his father. Also what is Flissy’s Uncle hiding? Did I mention that Flissy’s parents are spies?

I thought this was a cute book. I have not read The Romeo and Juliet Code but you don’t have to read it prior to reading Romeo Blue. This book can be read as a stand alone novel.

I liked Flissy and her British accent. At times she acted older then her age but then she would do something that would quickly show just how young she is. I also like the age that Derek was of thirteen. That age when teens are starting to grow up but at the same time are still kids. The romance between Flissy and Derek is at the puppy love stage.
You can tell that the author really had the young readers in mind when she wrote this book. She kept the story light without bogging it down with too many details and the two main characters relatable. A fast read.


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