Miriam and Emily are friends. Their two husbands work together as firefighters. A fire breaks out at a school. Miriam and Emily hear that some firefighters have been rushed to the hospital. They go to the hospital only to learn that Miriam’s husband did not make it.

Now faced with having to raise three sons alone Miriam finds support in Jamal, Emily’s husband. Things started out innocent but they soon heat up.

Never Say Never is the newest book from author, Victoria Christopher Murray. This is about my fourth book that I have read from this author. I have enjoyed every single one of the books I have read. Even though I have liked all the books I have read thus far from this author for some reason I did have my reservations about this one and how much I would like it. I should not have worried. This book was a good one.

There was an instantaneous connection with Miriam, Emily and their friend, Michellelee. I liked all three women for various reasons. Emily for being so kindhearted, Michellelee for being the best friend, and Miriam for being a good mother. I was going to say something else about Miriam but after seeing what she and Jamal did together, my mind was changed about her.

I really like the title for this book…Never Say Never. Because in a situation like this you should never say never. You don’t know if you will ever find yourself in this situation and if you do how will you react? You can say one thing now but it is a different predicament when you find yourself having to face the one you love and their actions. Don’t let the title of this book be deceiving as you should read this book. It is worth your time and money and it will have you hooked on Ms. Murray.


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